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Programme 2019-2020


September – Wednesday 11th

R Williams & I Price

The Local Jewish Community

October – Wednesday 9th

Andrew Shell

The Progress of Work at St John’s House, Newcastle Hill

November – Wednesday 13th

Rob & Ann Taylor

The Dambusters’ Connection in Wales

December – Wednesday 11th

Roger Morgan

Being Santa: The Story of Christmas


January – Wednesday 8th

Peter Jones

Ordinance Survey

February – Wednesday 12th

Ceri Joseph

Inspirational Welsh Women, Culture and Life

March – Wednesday 11th

Bev Gulley

Lloyd George was my Father

April – Wednesday 8th

The AGM has been cancelled and the papers will be sent out to members. The talk on Llantrisant by Dean Powell will be held over until the new season



Annual Members’ Dinner – Deferred to the Autumn

Annual Society Trip – Deferred to the Autumn

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